A cosmic wedding suite inspired by colourful nebulas and astronomy diagrams.

Watercolour and digital

Ok just so you guys know I wanted a space themed wedding ok this is basically what I saw in my head wow wow wwo

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Grilled peanut butter and banana split sandwich (use vegan butter, omit honey)

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and then all at once.

John Green, The Fault in Our Stars


Creative Fashionary sketches by Grace Ciao

Grace is a fashion illustrator from Singapore. She draws inspiration from everything around her. Her favourite materials are watercolours and flowers. Here are her amazing Fashionary sketches inspired by flowers!

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Blake Lively about going to the gym

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I think relationships in general are over romanticized like at the end of the day I’m pretty sure a good relationship is just two people who know how to hang out and talk to each other not whether or not they can right all your wrongs or paint a picture of a thousand suns with the breath from your lungs or some shit

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